Register your entry online

You may register your entry in the hall on the day between 3 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. Alternatively, you can register in advance by completing the form below.

Terms and conditions: please note that all entrants are responsible for their own safety whilst taking part in the procession. All participants must act responsibly towards all other entrants and must not do anything that would cause distress or danger to others. The carnival committee reserves the right to refuse entries to the carnival for any reason.


Carnival Procession Classes 2019

Class 1 Walking Single 4 years and under

Class 10 Motorised float for adults (predominantly adults but can include children)

Class 2 Walking Single 5-9 years

Class 11 Carnival Queen group with car or float

Class 3 Walking Single 10-14 years

Class 12 Carnival Queen with car or float

Class 4 Walking Single 15 years and above incl. adults

Class 13 Fairy Queen group with car or float

Class 5 Walking Pairs all ages

Class 14 Fairy Queen with car or float

Class 6 Walking Groups 3 or more persons up to 15 years

Class 15 Fairy King with car or float

Class 7 Walking Groups 3 or more persons, 16 yrs-adults

Class 16 Vintage vehicle

Class 8 Decorated pram, bike or dillie

Class 17 Trade exhibit

Class 9 Motorised float for children (predominantly children but can be supported by adults)

Class 18 Horse or donkey

Name of person or organisation entering carnival

If entrant is <16 years old, or for group entry or for an organisation, name of responsible adult


Contact telephone number

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Class number (see above)

I confirm that I agree to the terms and conditions

Motorised entries only

Vehicle only please tick

Vehicle plus trailer or float, please tick

Vehicle registration number

I confirm that I hold appropriate motor insurance to cover the vehicle and trailer for taking part in the carnival procession

You will need to provide a copy of your insurance certificate either by email in advance or on the day. Vehicles without proof of insurance will not be allowed to enter the procession.

In addition, the Juleff Cup will be awarded to the best entry from a Grampound based organisation in any class.